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Lent & Easter


The season of Lent and Easter is a journey rather than a single event. It is a journey that takes us from Ash Wednesday through to Passion, or Palm, Sunday and Holy Week to the cross on Good Friday and to the joyous discovery that the tomb is empty and that Christ is risen on Easter Day. There are then 50 days of Easter that lead us to Pentecost. (In this Lent/Easter course we cover from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday). It is a journey that takes us through the deep waters of life and death to new resurrection life and it is good to have travelling companions on such a journey. Join us for this portion of your journey.


This course is designed to be used by worship leaders and by individuals wanting to journey with the Christ and his companions on this life through death into new life experience.


Each week of Lent we will daily reflect on one of the readings for the coming Sunday building to an integrated reflection of the theme of that week. There is also an outline for a group discussion included for use by those communities studying together. This will help us engage deeply in the wisdom and life changing power of this journey and help worship leaders be ready for leading others on the journey while also having their own spiritual encounter. (Indeed the materials will be available a few weeks earlier than the actual dates so that leaders can feel confident in their roles and still have their own deep experience of journey by travelling a week or two ahead of others.) If you would like to get a flavour for how I work with the seasons of the church please feel free to look at the Sample material that was used in Advent.

Image by Teun Swagerman


Weeks 1-7 Overview

Image by Ben Neale

Weeks 1 - 7

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