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Welcome to this online guide to Advent this year. I hope you experience this course not so much like a travel guide for the novice traveller but as the travel journal of a friend that might inspire you to go on your own unique journey in a country you thought you knew well enough. I am assuming that those of you who receive this journal have travelled through Advent before.


For those of you who are leaders of worship I hope that this material will encourage you to have your own experience of Advent and from a deep place of faith to help those in your community who look to you to also go on a journey that leads to an even deeper opening of the heart to the coming of the Christ, God with us.


This material is presented in a simple format that is intended to help you have your own experience in a timely way so that your personal devotions and study build to your weekly sermon and each week builds upon the previous ones so that it is a seamless experience.


Each week starts with a new set of daily devotions (Monday - Thursday), based on one of the Sunday's readings. On Friday, or the fifth day, there is a beginning reflection on the theme of the First Sunday in Advent that will help you as a leader/preacher integrate your own thoughts and reflections. And then from this place of reflection and integration you will be ready to write your sermon.


Blessings, Sue


Weeks 1-4 Overview

Week 1


Week 2

Prepare for the Reign of God

Week 3

Rejoice, even Fools shall not lose their way

Week 4

Coming, Ready or Not

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