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A note from Reverend Sue

My birth name is Susan Grace but I am known to most as Sue, Rev'd Sue, or if in trouble as Susan. I live on the south coast of Australia high on a hill looking out across the various shades of green pastures, our few acres of fruit trees and vegetable beds, trees native and plantation, and vines to the ever-changing blues of the inlet and the great Southern Ocean. It is incredibly beautiful. It may sound idyllic but it is also real life with a community that is a blessing and a challenge at times, a new marriage (even though we are both in our sixties) with recognisable old issues to be addressed yet again, the inconvenient distance from my family and friends in the city, and my own ageing body to be made peace with.

I was born the eldest of four children to wheat and sheep farmers Laurel and Cedric in dry inland Australia. We had a tough but wonderfully free range childhood. At age twelve we transitioned to living in the city after years of drought drove us off our property. I loved much about the city and the benefits of civilisation although I always missed the open spaces!

At age thirteen I gave my life to Christ and so began the long and often meandering spiritual journey that has led me here, to this time and space, and to you reading this.

I became a social worker straight out of school and university, which always felt like my life time vocation, and so when after twenty five years work as clinician, teacher and consultant, I discerned a call to the ordained priesthood I was most surprised. Looking back it makes sense but at the time I was fairly shaken and disorientated.


I was then in parish ministry for fifteen years, in two different communities. One a fairly inner city parish within walking distance of the cathedral and the other a cluster of small country towns four hours from church office. And now I am retired with a license to officiate when called upon within the Anglican tradition.

Somewhere along the way I married, had three wonderful children, divorced, established a life of my own while raising those children, and then having moved to a country parish once my children were grown and independent met and married a local country man.

Since retiring relatively young for many reasons, including health issues, we have completed the obligatory lap around Australia which due to the said health conditions had to be done in two stages with surgery and rehabilitation in between! Part of my experience while travelling was to see and feel the isolation in which so much of the country lives, including the people of faith. That isolation is sometimes geographic but also social. I found during my travels how much I appreciated and depended on the online community and resources. And I know that many in the city feel somewhat isolated or under supported as well.


Which brings us to this point and my availability and desire to explore a new ministry, a ministry of support and encouragement to others in your spiritual journey via the new technology of web delivered materials to you wherever you are. I look forward to sharing some of your journey.

Reverend Sue
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