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The central metaphor and premise of this website is that we who are seeking the spiritual in our life are on a journey, are travellers on the Way that Jesus spoke of. Certainly I regard my written work here as an offering of companionship on this journey.

There is also the understanding that all of us who travel on this Way are companions of one another, are part of the caravan of seekers. Most of us will never meet in person but there is still an awareness of others being on this journey with us. Whenever we reflect on the same Scriptures, explore the same themes, share comments with one another, we are expressing companionship. 


Your prayers for me and my work are very appreciated and know that it is my prayerful hope that my work will speak through the interceding of the spirit to your hearts in ways that are encouraging and timely.

And if you find my writing of value I would appreciate you sharing it with companions on the way that you are aware of and think may benefit.

My work is offered free of charge to encourage, enliven and excite your heart and mind. You are free to read and to share. I ask that if you are using my words verbatim with others, such as in a sermon, that you simply acknowledge where those words come from.

Having retired from parish priesthood I have no other income other than my meagre savings which have become more meagre with recent world events. Therefore if you find my work of value and are in a financial position to do so I would ask that you make a voluntary payment from time to time or a small regular payment (the principle of the cost of a cup of coffee per month for example seems to be an international currency for our time). By doing so you would be sharing in my work and supporting me in life.

While completely voluntary calling any contribution a Payment those of you who are in paid ministry may be able to claim a tax deduction or reimbursement.  I shall certainly be declaring any monies received as payments.

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