As people who identify as travellers on the spiritual path we are already dedicated to growth, change, healing and learning. The wisdom and momentum of our various traditions feed and inspire us. And yet for many of us we at times need or want more. There are times and aspects of our life that lead us to desire the wisdom drawn from many different sources.

I draw upon my knowledge of the psychological, social and spiritual in seeking greater knowledge, healing and growth. In this stream of courses we will provide on line courses aimed to help you be encouraged, strengthened and enlivened in the very areas of life that you are struggling with.


Personal Development

Companions on the Way online courses are designed to encourage the individual, inspire the leader, and promote and provoke integration of belief, spiritual practice and daily life among the community of the faithful.

4 week online course

Daily reflections & meditations

Downloadable and printable resources

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Becoming Fully Alive

At the heart of the Christian tradition is the paradoxical truth that life is to be found in the midst of death. However this course is really about living. Living in the presence of death, preparing for death in such a way that we might live fully, generously, courageously, joyfully, peacefully – Now! In this course we explore this confronting topic in gentle and ordinary ways.

Self Care for Carers

The struggle to take care of ourselves and open our hearts to others is a balancing act and a common struggle for many of us on the spiritual path. In this course we begin and end with the practice of coming back to our sacred source and being replenished in the flow of divine love that is our origin and our destination. There are also practical tips on how to care for each other and ourselves.