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Advent has very little to do with preparing to receive a baby, even a holy baby, and everything to do with preparing for the One who would teach us a new way of being fully human and therefore a renewed way of being the people of God. And yes that One, the fully human and divine one, came as an infant.

Advent in the church life cycle has come to mean a season of longing, waiting and preparation. We are longing for, waiting for and preparing for the coming of kingdom of God in our midst. Certainly at this time in human history we are longing for renewal, restoration and recreation as individuals and as a society.

This Advent (Year C) resource is intended to take you through the season by reflecting on the Sunday readings that the Revised Common Lectionary set for us. For each of four days we reflect on one reading and then on the fifth day we reflect on the theme of the week as a whole. There is also a discussion guide for those who want to study in a group or who might like to journal their response to the reflections. The course is designed this way so that preachers, leaders of worship, and the devout may enter more fully into the liturgical season and so that the personal and communal experience may be seamless

If you would like to get a flavour for how I work with the seasons of the church please feel free to look at the Sample material that was used in Advent (Year A).



Weeks 1-4 Overview

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Weeks 1 - 4

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