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Gifts from unexpected places

The story of Jacob just keeps on giving! The story of Jacob’s son Joseph is a dark gift but it is gift. (Tenth Sunday after Pentecost. Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28) The gift of the knowledge that even the darkest pit, the vilest betrayal, cannot necessarily separate us from God’s mercies and purposes. That reconciliation can bind the deepest wound together in the self, the family and dare we pray with and among the nations.

The Jacob story of sibling rivalry and struggle goes on. Jacob, now an old man enjoying the fruits of his belated peace with his brother and a land of his own, has produced offspring who carry on the conflict. It is important to remember that the envy and brutality of the older siblings for the younger Joseph did not emerge out of a vacuum. The rivalry between their father Jacob with his older twin Esau and betwee