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Getting To Yes

This parable (Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost. Matthew 21:23-32) challenges us to find the “Yes” within ourselves – the Yes to God and God’s work in our world. But sometimes that means firstly be honest about the "No" that rises up in us. And then we can find the Yes to the upside down inside out values of the kingdom that do not fit easily or well with the priorities of our world.

The parable this week is one of those very short apparently simple ones that with time and reflection grow in significance. Matthew’s gospel continues his perennial theme of Israel missing the point, of not heeding the prophets, and of there being a harsh judgement upon those who had the message of life in their midst but did not heed it. Again and again we are reminded that the religiously righteous and smug missed the point and will now miss out on the experience of the kingdom of God whilst the poor and dubious will experience the kin