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Moving Forward

It is hard for us to grasp just how radical, paradoxical, and perverse a wisdom is at the heart of the gospel. (Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost. Matthew 21:33-42) The divine, God almighty, has become flesh, but not royal powerful flesh. Instead God almighty has become (good) trouble making, marginalized, vulnerable flesh and the kingdom of God will be realized in the midst of the ordinary, the oppressed and the outlandish. The profound has made his home among the profane. God is going to complete creation, to bring the law to fullness, and the tradition to fruition using as a cornerstone the one not recognized, the one mistreated and the one beaten to death.

This week’s readings are at first read a little heavy. Yet I believe that the word of God always contains a word of life. This week’s parable, like those we have heard in recent weeks, is filled with the warning that all too often the religious and chosen ones miss the point and the outsiders will be included in the kingdom ahead of those whose inheritance it was.