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Oil for Our Lamps

Many of us are running on empty at the moment and we are in need of some oil for our lamps. Some of us are probably not sure if we are among the five wise maidens who brought enough oil or among those who may run out of oil before the bridegroom comes! (Twenty Third Sunday after Pentecost. Matthew 25:1-13)

Many of us will remember from Sunday School or youth group the old song “Give me oil in my lamp, keep it burning; give me oil in my lamp I pray... keep it burning until the break of day.” It’s a bright little tune and easy to learn. Which is considerably more upbeat than: “Be awake therefore as you do not know the hour or the day.” which all sounds a bit sinister and end of world. Well it is getting close to the end of the church year and we do this each year at this time. Indeed the beginning of Advent is always readings about end times. And the pandemic is creating havoc and pain and the literal end for many people. And of course the election for those in the USA (and the rest of us who wait with baited breath). And it has been a disastrous year for the environment in many countries aroun