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The Right Clothing

The parable of the wedding banquet (Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost. Matthew 22:1-14) has delightful and confounding elements. Maybe most disturbing is that someone who responded to the invitation was thrown out because they were not dressed appropriately! What might this mean?

Weddings have always been popular in stories and films – usually as the object of the relationship and the moment we get to the wedding scene the credits come up. But in recent years there have been a few films which begin with a wedding and the story continues on from this point. Some of you may remember the romantic comedy “Cousins” (1989) a Hollywood remake of an older more satirical French film. In “Cousins” the film begins with the gathered extended family and is a glorious, lavish, warm hearted event. At the family gathering upon the couples return from their honeymoon a video of the event is shown. One of the young nephews is the photographer. It begins with footage that we the audience recognise which shows the happy event. After a few minutes the happy footage begins to be interspersed with the “other” story of what went on: overweight relatives stuffing their faces; drunk guests vomiting into flower beds; aunts and uncles not married to each other sneaking off into what they had thought were quiet corners of the reception lounge. Slowly the delight of the couple and the gathered family becomes shame and outrage and we see a close up of the face of the triumphant young photographer! In some w